Countywide, Bipartisan Leaders Make Final Yes on B Pitch to Voters!

February 27, 2020

Yes on B – the Better Choice Measure – has been gaining momentum in the final stretch before Election Day on March 3!

This morning, a coalition of labor groups, elected officials, housing advocates, public safety officials and business leaders from across the region convened today at the County of San Diego Waterfront Park to call on San Diegans to vote Yes on Measure B to choose the creation of housing and open space instead of massive shopping mall and luxury homes.

“Voting Yes on B will provide a community with affordably-priced homes that can be obtained for working families earning at or below 120 percent of the County’s Area Median Income. I ask that all San Diego County voters vote Yes on B because it is the better choice to help solve our housing crisis.” -Ricardo Flores, Executive Director of LISC San Diego

Currently, the San Diego County General Plan has designated 2 million square feet of office and commercial space and 99 luxury homes for this property located in North San Diego County. Instead, VOTING YES ON B PROVIDES A BETTER CHOICE: 2,135 homes, 60 percent of which are legally guaranteed to be affordably-priced for working families. In addition, 10 percent of the homes are affordable rental units for low income families in San Diego County.

Supporters from across the county have been sharing why they endorse Yes on B! Click the video link below to learn why.

Yes on B has been endorsed by a growing number of organizations, including the San Diego Union Tribune, Deputy Sheriff’s Association of San Diego County, LISC San Diego and Pastors on Point, among others. Urge your friends and family to join these groups in saying YES ON B!

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Ad paid for by Yes on B for a Better Choice: A coalition of first responders, fire safety experts, housing advocates, elected officials, business leaders and taxpayers. Committee major funding from Newland Sierra, LLC