San Diego Union Tribune Endorses Yes on B

February 11, 2020
San Diego Union-Tribune Editorial Board

The project has been thoroughly vetted and shouldn’t be blocked by NIMBYs

San Diego Union Tribune announced its official endorsement of YES on B - the Better Choice Measure - in the March Primary Election.

The San Diego Union Tribune stated that if voters choose YES on B this March, it would approve 2,135 homes, 1,209 acres of preserved open space, 36 acres of parks and 19 miles of trails, among other regional benefits including funding for schools, improvements to the I-15 interchange and a state-of-the-art fire protection plan.

Voting YES on B provides a better choice instead of the County General Plan designation for the property that allows 2 million square feet of office and commercial space and 99 luxury homes.

“And one point can’t be made enough about the Newland Sierra proposal. Kill it, and the general plan would allow for 2 million square feet of offices, retail stores and parking, but only 99 homes, on site. ‘Allowing for far more homes ... isn’t just an amendment to the county general plan,’ we wrote in 2018. ‘It’s an improvement.’ That remains true today. California, very much including San Diego County, urgently needs much more housing. The editorial board recommends a yes on Measure B.”

– San Diego Union Tribune Editorial Board, February 11, 2020

The San Diego Union Tribune Editorial Board has also taken the billionaire owners of the Golden Door Spa to task for fighting needed new homes for local families. They call it like it is, “The Golden Door’s opposition, however, feels like pure NIMBYism” and “The project has been thoroughly vetted and shouldn't be blocked by NIMBYs.”

Read the Union-Tribune's full endorsement here.

The San Diego Union Tribune joins a continually growing coalition in support of YES on B including the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce, San Diego County Taxpayers Association, North San Diego Business Chamber and The Chicano Federation, among many others.

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Ad paid for by Yes on B for a Better Choice: A coalition of first responders, fire safety experts, housing advocates, elected officials, business leaders and taxpayers. Committee major funding from Newland Sierra, LLC