Deputy Sheriffs' Association of San Diego County Endorses Newland Sierra

July 26, 2019

Statement of David Leonardi, President Deputy Sheriffs’ Association of San Diego County with Regards to the 2020 Newland Sierra Referendum

The Deputy Sheriffs’ Association supports the County Supervisors’ unanimous approval of the Newland Sierra project, and the middle-income housing opportunities it provides.

There is a shortage of housing that law enforcement officers and other first responders can afford, making it more difficult to recruit and retain public safety professionals to protect our residents.

That’s why DSA urges a “YES” vote on the Newland Sierra Referendum.

The alternative for this property, already permitted by the County General Plan, is development of big-box retail and large luxury estates, without the affordable housing and open space provided by Newland Sierra.

DSA opposes ballot box planning, especially when the process is misused by special interests to block critically-needed affordable housing.

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