Vote YES on B to Help Families Find Homes!

February 10, 2020

Voting YES on B this March will help solve San Diego’s housing crisis.

Voting YES on B this March will help solve San Diego’s housing crisis. As the housing shortage sweeps the region and prevents families from finding attainable homes, the exclusive spa that is home to Hollywood elites continues to fund the opposition to Measure B because they don’t want neighbors living near their $10,000-a-week resort.

The Golden Door Spa is located near the property subject to Measure B – private property that will be developed one way or another. Rather than 2 million square feet of commercial and office development and 99 luxury homes, which are permitted under the current County General Plan, voting YES on B will provide more than 2,100 homes for San Diego families who desperately seek affordable housing.

Of these 2,135 homes, 60 percent will be affordably-priced for working families. In addition, about 500 are prioritized for essential professions that serve our communities including firefighters, police officers, teachers, veterans and military personnel, among others.

The Golden Door Spa is fighting critically-needed housing for families. Vote YES on B to improve the region’s housing supply and help keep families in San Diego.

YES on B has also been endorsed by numerous civic and advocacy groups across the region including MAAC, Chicano Federation, Asian Americans for Equality, Pastors on Point and the Central San Diego Black Chamber of Commerce, among many others.

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